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How does daylight savings time affect scheduling of consultations?

In short, it does not. HiDoq makes the necessary adjustments.

HiDoq adjusts consultation times so that if an appointment time is scheduled for 10 am, it will be at 10 am in the time zone that is specified by the provider. When you create an account, we determine your timezone and store it in the settings of your account.

Let's take an example to explain what happens.

  • You are in Melbourne, Australia (and your timezone is "Australia/Melbourne" in the settings).
  • Today is September 30, and daylight savings starts on October 4.
  • You schedule an appointment for 10 am on October 5.
  • The consultation will appear in the "Scheduled" list in your dashboard for 10 am on October 5, both before and after daylight savings comes into effect.