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What browsers and operating systems are supported?

What devices HiDoq operates on is more a factor of what browser you are using. In general, if you have a reasonably up-to-date browser it will work. Please see the specifics below.


For computers (PC, Linux or Mac) you need to use one of:

  • Chrome (Verison 23 or newer)
  • Firefox (Verison 22 or newer)
  • Edge (Verison 79 or newer)
  • Safari (Verison 11 or newer)
  • Opera (Verison 18 or newer)

We always recommend that you use the latest version. Click on a link above to update your browser.


For Android Phones and Tablets you will need:

  • Chrome (Version 80 or newer)
  • Firefox (Version 69 or newer)
  • Android Browser (Version 80 or newer)

We suggest Chrome. If you need to, please update Chrome via the Play Store

iPhones & iPads

For iPhones and iPads you will need:

  • Safari (Verison 11 or newer)

The verison of Safari is linked to the version of the operating system you have. Therefore, you need iOS 11 or newer. As of January 27, 2020, 94% of iPhone have iOS 12 or newer and 98% of iPads have iOS 12 or newer. So for iOS 11, the figures will be higer.

To test what version you have, or to have you patients test, we suggest your go to the our "Pre-call Test" page.

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