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What can I do if I'm behind a firewall?

If you have not already done so, please read "Why can't I connect?"

HiDoq uses something called "TURN". It gets through most firewalls. If your firewall is particularly draconian, here are some instructions that will helw you allow HiDoq to work. Please note, these instructions are for network admins.

First thing thing to do is run a Network Test and see if we can diagnose the issue.

If it looks like a firewall is blocking things, belwo we list the IP address ranges and protocols used to communicate with Twilio (our conferencing partner). If necessary, use this information to configure your firewall to enable communication with Twilio.

For Signalling

Hostname au1.vss.twilio.com
Port 443
Protocol WSS

For Media

(If not going Peer-to-Peer)

Server IP Address Range - -
Ports used 10,000 - 60,000 UDP/SRTP/SRTCP

Additional requirements

Clients should be able to connect to the services at the following hostnames:

  • endpoint.twilio.com
  • mobile-endpoint.twilio.com

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