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What can I do to improve the quality of the video and audio?

By far the thing that will make the most difference is plugging in a network cable. Even with the fastest internet connection in the world, WiFi can cause issues with live video. You don't notice it with streaming video because there is what is called a "buffer". Basically, it streams the video on a few second delay so if the Wifi messes something up, it has time to recover and you don't notice. With truly live video, we don't have that luxury. The video below (from TalkDesk) has a good explanation.

Here are all the tips we have compiled.

Plug in a network cable

If you can. WiFi interference is the biggest cause of quality issues.

Sit close to the router

If you have to use WiFi, don't sit too far away from it.

Stop other devices using WiFi

Again, if you have to use WiFi. Turn off Netflix, Spotify, etc.

Update your browser
Ensure your browser is up-to-date

Check for updates if you can. We recommend Chrome.

Close other programs/tabs

Close other programs running on your computer if you can.

Plug-in a headset

Bluetooth devices cause a delay. Built-in mics pick up other noises.

Restart your computer/phone

If you have time. It frees up resources for your call.

Use a computer over a phone

The camera is fixed and, generally, they have more grunt than phones.

Use a well-lit room

Video quality is better when there is more light.

Light Behind
Light source in behind camera

Less shadows on your face means you look better.

Have a still background

Don't have lots of movement in the background (like a fan).

Solid Internet Connection

Try and use a connection that is not prone to dropping out.

Sit Still
Sit as still as you can

It looks more professional and big movements use more data.

Sit Still
Uncluttered background

Keep your background uncluttered as possible.

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