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Why can't I hear sound/audio?

The most common causes are:

  • The volume is down or muted Turn up the volume.
  • The other side's microphone is on mute Ask them to unmute their microphone.
  • The other side hasn't given their device permission to use their microphone Ask them to give our site the necessary permissions (i.e. camera and microphone). Here are instructions for each of the major browsers:
  • Your device is playing audio through another speaker Is your device connected to external speakers? Maybe via your earphone jack or bluetooth. If yes, then check the volume setting on those.
    Is your laptop connected to an external monitor via an HDMI cable? Sometimes the laptop will try to send the audio via the HDMI cable to your monitor. If that is the case, either: (1) change the audio settings on the laptop so that the audio output is your laptop; or (2) unplug the external monitor, which should send the audio output back to your laptop.

Still can't hear? See also "Why can't I connect?"

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